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Recipe for New York Crumb Cake

Recipe for New York Crumb Cake

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recipe for new york crumb cake

recipe for new york crumb cakeI love New York Crumb Cake, but I grew up in the suburbs of Southern California, which is about as far away from New York, and its fine cuisine, as you can get (ok… all of you pointing out the obvious on a globe.. YES, I know that Turkey, China, India and South America are farther…. work with me here).

Despite the obvious geographical technicalities… I LOVE a good Crumb Cake. You know what I’m talking about? The one with the thick crunchy cinnamon sugar streusel topping, and the soft, vanilla cake underneath? Oh wow….Like the kind they specialize in in New York. (I tasted one you see… in the 7th grade on a field trip…changed my life) But where to get it on the west coast? I had to resort to prepackaged cake-ettes sold at 7 11 and Circle K (not that there is anything wrong with prepackaged cake-ettes…..or even the 7 11), but peeling cellophane off of something the circumference of a silver dollar is just not the same as a CAKE.

What’s a California girl to do? Learn to bake her own.

So I did…

Recipe- New York Crumb Cake


I love Crumb Cake for Breakfast… and it makes a lovely afternoon snack with my coffee. So, I get a piece, and then my teenage son wipes out the rest since he inherited my love for Crumb Cake.

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recipe for new york crumb cake


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