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People who love books join Book Clubs….and Book Clubs are known for two things…. good book discussions and good food (let’s make that three things, I’m sure there is a glass of wine involved too). These Book Club Cookbooks will be a welcome addition to any book lover’s library.

They aren’t just any old cookbook…. these cookbooks are filled with recipes FROM books. Was that confusing? Ok… say you are discussing “The Help” … wouldn’t it be fun to serve that Caramel Cake (no, we won’t serve the chocolate pie…), what if you are readingThe Secret Life of Bees? I’ll bet a Honey Cake would be excellent.

Whether it is sweet, savory, a dessert, an appetizer or a meal… these Book Club Cookbooks will have just the right recipe to go along with the books you are discussing. They also have suggested reading lists, discussion questions, and Book Club ideas to get you started with your own book club.

Seriously, a good book, and good food? What a fabulous combination.

What is A Book Club?

A Book Club is where people come together and discuss a book that was assigned for the month. Everyone gets a chance to say something and express an opinion. You won’t always like the books, but sometimes you will find something new to surprise you.

And there is food.

Books and Food …. the ULTIMATE combination!


Recipe For a Book Club

Everything… I mean EVERYTHING.. You Need to Start Your Won Book Club

This fabulous book has everything you need to get your book club off the ground. You will find suggested authors and readings, along with Topical questions…. and there are Recipes… great Recipes that go with the book you’ve chosen. Food that will transport you to the story like nothing else.

Assorted Book Club Cookbooks

Do You Read Classics? Perhaps You Enjoy Best Sellers?
Whatever style of book your Book Club likes to read, you can find recipes and ideas for the Meeting in these books.

These recipes all have references to works of literature, or interesting passages in books.

Love a Good Mystery?

Old Classic Cozies to Contemporary Mysteries

Want to dine like they do at 221 Baker Street? Or are you more of a Scarpetta fan? Whichever you enjoy… you can make some great recipes to go along with the mystery.

Cookbooks From Some of the Hottest Reads!

Hunger Games Cookbook, Twilight Cookbook, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones

Be Prepared!

Make sure you have plates, cups and appropriate eating and serving utensils.

Book Clubs are great for Finger Foods… so small plates are fine.

If you decide to serve a real meal… let the club members know in advance (don’t want them filling up at home).

50 Shades of Grey has a host or Recipes

A Nice Tie In With the Book… 50 Shades of Grey
Do you have an exceptionally racy book club? Feel like going beyond the literary?

Have I got the books for you….

Reading Shakespeare? Try Cooking Shakespearean Food

Cook Shakespeare’s Food
These recipes have been adapted for the modern Kitchen, so don’t panic about finding Lark’s tongues…

Read It and Eat

Month By Month
This book will take you through an entire year (or more) of book club meetings and recipes. Each month has 4 suggested books of different genres, and topics of discussion to go along with them. Also, you will find recipes relating (sometimes loosely) to the setting of the book. A great primer for those getting started in Book Clubs.

Literary Beverages

It’s Not Just About the Food…there are Drinks Too.

Bartending Guide Great American Writers
Because You Don’t Just Serve Food At Book Club Meetings


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