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Best Carrot Bundt Cake Recipe

Best Carrot Bundt Cake Recipe

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carrot Bundt Cake

Carrot Cake and I have this love hate relationship. I love a good carrot cake, I hate that I can’t find it. I used to actually travel 20 miles out of my way to buy Carrot Cake at this bakery in Loma Linda (so good, and I never did figure out what the crunchy bits on the side are). Sadly, they no longer make it, so was time to make my own.  Luckily I found the BEST Carrot Bundt Cake Recipe.

This one is pretty darn good, and it travels well (being a bundt), and the Cream Cheese Frosting on top is yummy enough to just sit down and eat with a spoon (fair warning, if you do choose to eat an entire bowl of Cream Cheese frosting, your pants might get a little tight). Don’t fear the pineapple, it makes the carrot cake sweet and juicy (yes, I know, theoretically, carrots are sweet, but no one can legitimately claim they are juicy… I have no idea where the carrot juice comes from).

One of the absolutely fabulous things about this recipe, is that the cake itself can be made without a mixer!!!! Yup, couple bowls and a spoon or spatula are all you need (you will need a mixer, or strong arms, for the frosting).

(BTW… you can sort of claim this is health food… after all, there is a full-ish serving of carrots in every slice! But that might be a bit like the Los Angeles School Board trying to convince everyone that Catsup is a vegetable, since it contains tomatoes).

Best Carrot Bundt Cake Recipe (with Pineapple)

Piping Frosting on the Bundt Cake is Easy!

The Ateco 3 Piece Piping Set makes putting frosting onto Bundt Cakes or Cupcakes super easy. The tips are large, so you don’t have to worry about “little” details. The bag washes well… and hangs to dry..
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Ateco Pastry Decorating Tip, Set of 3Ateco Pastry Decorating Tip, Set of 3



Step By Step Photos… Carrot Bundt Cake

All ingredients into the Bowl

stir until thoroughly mixed

Carrot Bundt Pan Recipe

Dump into a WELL GREASED Bundt Pan

carrot cake bundt pan recipe


Bake until a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean


carrot cake bundt pan recipe

Let Cool… then Remove From Pan

Cool completely before attempting to put the Frosting on


carrot bundt cake cream cheese frosting

Frosting with A Zig Zag Pattern looks kind of Neat

but you can spread it on any old way

carrot cakeCarrot Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting



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