Lemon Bars Scratch

Lemon Bars Scratch

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recipe Lemon Bars scratch

Tuesday was a good day to make Lemon Bars (scratch)… Why?Because it’s day 4 of the flu Epidemic in our house. I’ve been dealing with sniffling, sneezing, feverish kids for what feels like forever. I need a break.

Lemon Bars are the ticket. They are like a bite of sunshine on a dreary day.

Baked up a batch, got the kids tucked in bed, poured myself a cup of coffee… and settled in for some me time.

The crust is crumbly sweet, the lemony curd topping is tart and smooth. All the best of what a lemon bar should be.

 Lemon Bars Scratch

Recipe Lemon Bars- Scratch

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Category: Bar Cookies, Cookies & Brownies

Servings: 16 bars

recipe lemon bars scratch

I love these bars, they are so lemony tart, And they are a snap to make with a food processor. It's a 2 part recipe.... which means you make the crust stuff, stick them it in the oven... and mix up the lemon stuff while it bakes. When the crust is ready, you pour on the magic lemon stuff and bake it. Since the recipe makes only a small amount (an 8 by 8 pan).. you can eat them all before anyone notices... Might be a good idea to bake 2 batches ....


  • 1 cup Unbleached Flour
  • 1/2 cup Powdered Sugar
  • plus more for top
  • 1/4 lb/ 1 stick Butter
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 cup Granlated Sugar
  • 2 Tbl. Unbleached Flour
  • Finely Grated Zest 2 Lemons
  • 1/4 cup Lemon Juice (1 or 2 fresh)


    For crust:
  • Into the bowl of a food processor, add flour and powdered sugar, pulse a few times with the steel blade. Add the butter, a tablespoon at a time, process completely. Will look like sandy flour. Press the soft powdery dough into the greased pan.
  • Bake 18 to 20 minutes, until lightly golden brown.
    For filling:
  • Mix eggs, sugar and flour in a small bowl. Add lemon zest and lemon juice, mix completely.
  • Pour the filling over the baked crust, and stick back into oven for 15 to 17 minutes. Filling should be just starting to set.
  • Cool at room temperature, then transfer to refrigerator for 1 hour.
  • Sprinkle with powdered sugar- best way to do this is to put a tablespoon of powdered sugar in a small sieve, and shake it over the bars.
  • Cut into 16 pieces
  • I serve these in cupcake papers
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For the best tasting Lemon Bars (Scratch)

make lemon bars scratch


Serve Lemon bars, and Other Bar Cookies in Cupcake Liners

Lemon bars can get sticky… keep them from sticking together, and making your guest’s hands sticky by serving them in Cupcake Papers. It also makes a much better presentation, and makes transport easier.

Plus there are so many adorable colors and styles to choose from! I tend to stick with white (it goes with everything) but I love the Polka Dots!

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How to Store Lemon Bars

Store your lemon bars in an airtight container in the refrigerator! (If the container is not airtight, the lemon bars will pick up smells from the fridge… yuck!

Also, note that the Powdered Sugar on the Lemon Bars may get absorbed back into the cookie bar. That’s OK. Fix the look by sprinkling on fresh powdered sugar.

recipe lemon bars scratch



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