Halloween Chocolate Candy Molds- Fun Spooky Molds for Your Halloween Chocolate!

Vivian Silicone Halloween 3D Skull Head Cake Chocolate Fondant Candy Mold Mould Molding your own chocolates for Halloween is tons of fun! All you need is- 1. Halloween Chocolate Candy Molds 2. Chocolate (melted) That’s it! No fancy equipment or super knowledge required, and eating the results is quite satisfying. I love using the chocolates […]

White Mountain Frosting Recipe

Halloween Chocolate Mousse- Zombie Mousse with Bloody Raspberry Sauce

Why do I make special Halloween Chocolate Mousse? I was thinking about the Holidays… already getting the calls from my mom and sister. You know the ones… “are you visiting for Thanksgiving”, “what do the kids want for Christmas”, and “who is hosting Christmas this year?” Argh!! Isn’t it still summer? You know what I […]

Pumpkin Spice Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting