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Flaky and Delicious Feta Cheese Pie Recipe

Flaky and Delicious Feta Cheese Pie Recipe

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feta cheese pie recipe

feta cheese pie recipeMy Feta Cheese Pie recipe was inspired by a neighbor….But it’s not her recipe. The one she made me was delicious, flaky, perfect…. but it was her Serbian Mother’s Secret Recipe, and she wasn’t giving it out.

But I really liked it….and I wanted to make it, so, I did some research.

This recipe is the result of many hours of investigation involving all of the resources available to me (ok, one hour…and I found it on the web, I never even had to leave the kitchen….although a trip to Serbia in the name of research could have really been fun. Apparently, it’s not an uncommon dish…it’s just that everyone has their own variation.

Basically, you need Feta, Eggs and Phyllo (filo) dough.  Beyond that…you can add all sorts of things like spinach, dill, cottage cheese or yogurt. Being a purist, I stuck with the basics, but feel free to experiment. For those of you who think it sounds familiar, it’s a relative of Spanikopita (that Greek dish), and Quiche (the French dish).

Feta Cheese Pie in Phyllo Dough can be served as a light (although calorie rich) flavorful vegetarian lunch or dinner with a salad, or it can be cut smaller and used as a side dish or appetizer. Totally up to you. Now, I make this in a square casserole dish, but you can go round or rectangular. Or just sit down with a fork and eat it all yourself.

If you are looking for a little more help… scroll to the bottom of the page for step-by-step photos.

Feta Cheese Pie Recipe in a Phyllo Dough Crust


Looking for a bit of History?

banicaYou may be familiar with the Greek Version – Spanikopita, where the phyllo is folded around the filling into triangles of feta and spinach.
This recipe is a variation of the Serbian Version- Rave… I chose not to go with the cottage cheese, because I never have it in the house. Another Serbian version is Burek, the feta and filo are rolled up, then coiled into a spiral.
In Yugoslavia they call it Gibanica. Since Gibanica has cabbage in it, while I’m certain it’s delicious, I’ll never get it past the under 20 set in my house.
Tiropita- another Greek version, is made with the addition of Yogurt.
And in Bulgaria, the spiraled feta and filo pie is called Banica.

Really, seems like there is no right or wrong way to make a Feta Filo Pie


 Step By Step Instructions for Feta Cheese Pie With Photos

Mix the Egg, Crumbled Feta Cheese and Water in a Medium Bowl

feta cheese pie recipe

I like Smaller Crumbles for a Smoother texture… but it’s up to you

Filo Dough / Phyllo Dough comes in the Freezer Section of the Supermarket

Thaw it in the refrigerator… then spread it out on your workspace

feta cheese pie recipe

Yes, if your great Aunt Sophie left you the “most amazing recipe ever” for Filo dough, by all means, use it.

I’ll get mine from the Freezer Section…..

Layer the Filo Dough in the Casserole

feta cheese pie recipe

Brush with Loads of Butter

Pour the Filling onto the Layers of Filo

feta cheese pie recipe

Cover with 3 or 4 Layers of Filo

feta cheese pie recipe

Fold over the Edges of the Pie

feta cheese pie recipe

Tear off Some of the Excess Filo, and Put all the excess in the middle

Brush Generously with Butter

feta cheese pie recipe

You are eating Eggs and Cheese… what harm can a little more butter do?

Buttered Up and Ready for the Oven

feta cheese pie recipeBake for 45 Minutes

feta cheese pie recipe

Will be nice and brown

Browner than this is even better… I was in a hurry to get dinner on the table…
In this case, brown equals crunchy…. crunchy is good.

feta cheese pie recipe


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