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Easy Honey Cake Recipe

Easy Honey Cake Recipe

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Easy Honey Cake Recipe


The weather turned here, and it’s starting to get cooler (I think the summer here in the Bay Area lasts about 97 minutes…). Started thinking about Fall flavors, about food that warms and is comforting. I baked this easy Honey Cake recipe today. It made the house smell like heaven. And even though it is delicious today, it will be even better tomorrow…. I can’t wait… (already cut myself a slice…)

This recipe was the first one I ever really researched, tested, and re-tested. You see, I had only tasted Honey Cake one time. A girl in one of my college classes brought a cake to share… I got a small piece, and fell in love with the flavors.

But she didn’t have the recipe, it was her Grandmother’s secret.

So, I dug through cook books (this is pre-internet folks), baking and discarding one Honey Cake after another. Too sweet, not sweet enough, not rich enough or not enough depth to the flavor.

Then one day I’m reading the LA Times… and they had an article about Honey Cakes for Rosh Hashanah. 3 more recipes to try… and then I found the one.

This easy Honey Cake Recipe is loaded with flavor from generous amounts off Honey, Cinnamon, Cloves and Coffee. It’s nice enough to serve at a dinner party, and it’s casual enough to eat as an afternoon pick-me-up. And a friend of mine loves it for Breakfast.

Easy to make, delicious to eat… and a lovely Hostess Gift during the Holidays.


Easy Honey Cake Recipe

Honey Cake for Rosh Hashanah

A Sweet New Year’s DessertHoney Cake

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, and is customarily celebrated with Honey, to represent a sweet New Year.

In the Bible, Honey is often mentioned as the sweetener of the time. And Israel is referred to as the Land of Milk and Honey.

On the first night of Rosh Hashanah Apple Slices or Challah are dipped into Honey, and a prayer is said asking for a Sweet New Year.

In addition, a lot of Jewish households make honey cakes on Rosh Hashanah. Families will use a recipe that has been passed down through the generations…which might explain why I my friend’s grandmother wouldn’t give up hers.. Honey cake can be made with a variety of spices like cloves, cinnamon, and allspice are especially popular. Different recipes call for the use of coffee, tea, orange juice or even rum to add depth to the flavors.

I love the flavors of Honey Cake. It’s sweet and spicy, like a gingerbread. Perfect for Fall and Winter baking.

And it makes the house smell WONDERFUL.

My Hand Written Honey Cake Recipe

The Mess on the Page Shows I Love It

easy honey cake recipe

How to Fix Grainy Honey

If Your Honey Looks Like This… don’t throw it away!

easy honey cake recipe

You can make it smooth again by sticking it in the microwave for a minute

Give the Honey a Stir, and it will Smooth Out again

easy honey cake recipe

Step by Step Instructions

Line the Bottom of the Pan with Parchment

         Give it a Spritz with Non-Stick Spray

easy honey cake recipe

Start with the Dry Ingredients

     Lots of spices

 easy honey cake recipe

                                                 Batter will Be Caramel Colored

 easy honey cake recipe

                                     Divide the Batter Between the Baking Pans

You Can Sprinkle on Sliced Almonds… I do one… leave the other plain

 easy honey cake recipe

     Bake 1 Hour and 15 minutes… Until a Toothpick Inserted Comes out Clean

Let  Cool

easy honey cake recipe                                                 

Storing Your Honey Cake

Wrap your Honey Cake in plastic wrap. It will last a few days.
You can freeze Honey Cake. Wrap it in plastic wrap… cover it with foil… then stick it in the freezer.


Honey Cake as a Gift

I bake a few extra Honey Cakes and keep them on hand. Both Regular Sized, and Mini Cakes in pans that I can give away. Wrap the Honey Cakes in plastic wrap, then set it on a square of cellophane… pull the corners up and tie with a ribbon. This makes a nice gift for neighbors during the holidays. Sometimes I’ll put a little one in the middle of a plate of cookies… instant dessert for a gathering of friends.


Easy Honey Cake Recipe



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