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Vanilla Crescents Vanille Kipferl

Vanilla Crescents Vanille Kipferl

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vanilla crescents

Vanille KepferlVanilla Crescents or Vanille Kipferl come with a history lesson…. seems they were invented by the Austrians to celebrate a victory over the Turkish army in some war or another (which one is not important… there were so many…. and there won’t be a test, so you can stop taking notes.)

Can you just picture it? Yeah! We Won!! Let’s go have Cookies.!!!!

German speaking people eat Vanille Kipferl. Mostly around Christmas (although you can get them anytime in Vienna…( I love Vienna, the Waltzing, the Sacher Torte, the Konditoreis, Kaffee mit Schlag … which is perfect for drinking while eating cookies…).

I make them because they are a light, sweet cookie that goes well with a cup of tea (ok, or coffee) in the afternoon. My daughter loves them, because they are “plain”.

True, it is a basic cookie…. Flour, Sugar, Butter and an Egg.But I think they are anything but plain. To the basic ingredients, you add ground Almonds and lots of Vanilla. These ingredients combine to make something delicious enough to serve in a fancy tea room, but yummy enough for a group of boys studying physics.

This recipe showcases how a few simple ingredients can make delicious cookie. Flour, sugar, butter and an egg combine with Ground Almonds and Vanilla with wonderful results.

I’ve taken this recipe from a German Cookbook called, “Handmade Weinachten”, so I included their metric measurements, and my conversions.

German baking often uses Vanilla Sugar instead of Vanilla Extract. It’s just Vanilla Infused Granulated Sugar… smells wonderful, tastes great. You can find this ingredient in specialty stores or on Amazon. You can also make your own.

I bought ground Almonds from a local Indian Spice Market, you can also buy them in natural food stores, and if you really want to, you can make them yourself. Put whole almonds into a food processor, and pulse until you have ground Almonds…. pulse too much, and you will have Almond Spread (great with jam on toast, but not so good for these cookies). Even better… if you have a German Hand Grinder for nuts, you will get the perfect texture every time!

As always, there are step-by-step photos below… these are a snap.

Vanilla Crescents / Vanille Kipferl Recipe


 Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour Super Fine Grind Gluten Free Cholesterol Free 3lbs Nut Grinder Table Top Mounted s/s 20cm Dr. Oetker Vanilla Sugar, .32-Ounce (Pack of 12)


Step By Step Instructions for Vanille Kipferl

Make the Dough in a Food Processor… It’s Easiest

my picture was a fail… sorry

Dump The Dough onto a Length of Plastic Wrap

vanilla crescents

Kind of Moosh it into Shape
Smooth Out and Wrap in Plastic

vanilla crescentNo…it doesn’t have to be Perfect

Cut Off Pieces Of Dough

vanilla crescent

About this much

Roll Bit of Dough Between Your Palms

vanilla crescent

Make a Little Log
About 2 inches Long (or 3), this isn’t brain surgery

vanilla crescent
Taper the Ends…. Bend to a Crescent Shape

vanilla crescent
Put The Dough Crescents On A Cookie Sheet
Stick in the Oven

vanille kipferl
Get Your Rack Ready
Cooling Rack Over Cookie Sheet (I add Waxed Paper…for extra neatness)

vanilla crescent
Take Warm Cookies from Cookie Sheet….Dip them in Vanilla Sugar
Set on Cooling Rack

vanilla crescent

Let Cool
Or Eat as Fast as You Can

vanille kipferl

Make Your Own Vanilla Sugar


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