Home Baking recipes Halloween Chocolate Candy Molds- Fun Spooky Molds for Your Halloween Chocolate!
Halloween Chocolate Candy Molds- Fun Spooky Molds for Your Halloween Chocolate!

Halloween Chocolate Candy Molds- Fun Spooky Molds for Your Halloween Chocolate!

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halloween chocolate candy molds

Vivian Silicone Halloween 3D Skull Head Cake Chocolate Fondant Candy Mold MouldVivian Silicone Halloween 3D Skull Head Cake Chocolate Fondant Candy Mold Mould

Molding your own chocolates for Halloween is tons of fun! All you need is-
1. Halloween Chocolate Candy Molds
2. Chocolate (melted)

That’s it! No fancy equipment or super knowledge required, and eating the results is quite satisfying. I love using the chocolates I make to decorate a Halloween Buffet table, or I bag them as special treats for my favorite little goblins who come to my door!

There are loads of different molds available… depending on if you like cute or scary, simple or complex.

Need Tips on Melting and Molding Chocolate?

Click HERE—> Melting and Molding Chocolate

Cute Halloween Chocolate Candy Molds

Pumpkins, Ghosts, and things that go BUMP in the Night.

Molds come in a variety of spooky and non spooky shapes. Molds like these are fun to make little decorative chocolates to top cupcakes.
You can scatter the chocolates across the buffet table for an edible decoration. (whatever you do, DON’T set a hot casserole on top of them… just DON’T)

 Cybrtrayd T017 Small Pumpkin Life of the Party Chocolate Candy Mold with Exclusive Cybrtrayd Copyrighted Chocolate Molding Instructions Siliconezone SZ13OM-11890AA Cybrtrayd H044 Halloween Chocolate Candy Mold, Halloween Deco

Creepy Animal Chocolate Molds

Rats and Spiders and Frogs!Oh MY!

These creepy animal and spider molds make great chocolates to top cupcakes and cakes. They can even be used to freeze water or jello… what a fun surprise to find in your drink!

What’s cool is that you can also use these molds for a Harry Potter Party… Chocolate Frog anyone?

 Cybrtrayd H056 Rat Chocolate Candy Mold with Exclusive Cybrtrayd Copyrighted Chocolate Molding Instructions Spider Candy Mold Cybrtrayd A126 Frog Chocolate Candy Mold with Exclusive Cybrtrayd Copyrighted Chocolate Molding Instructions

Casket with a Skeleton

halloween chocolate candy moldsWooden casket box w/ lid & skeleton piece H078 Halloween Chocolate Candy Mold

These are Certain to Be a HIT!

This fun 3 D Casket with a Skeleton is fantastic. Use 2 colors of chocolate for a strong impact.

At almost 3 inches wide and 5 inches long, it is a significant decoration for your table. Or you can make one for each of your guests…

Wonder if you would eat it from the head end or the feet end?


To Make the Two Colored Chocolate Skeleton and Casket
Start with melted white chocolate and dark chocolate.
Use a paintbrush, or very carefully with a spoon, fill the skeleton part of the mold with white chocolate. Let it set. Then add the dark chocolate over it. Let it set.
When you un-mold, you will have both colors.

Witch Chocolate Molds

halloween chocolate candy moldsWicked Witches.. Good Witches….. Witch Fingers
Witches make great Halloween Treats! The 3D ones can be wrapped like a chocolate Easter Rabbit.
You could put it in the basket too!

It’s a simple trick…. All you need is the Finger Mold, some Chocolate Candy Melts, a few White Chocolate Candy Melts, and a bit of Green Candy Food Color.

 Halloween Assortment (Witch, Cat, Bat) Chocolate Candy Mold Halloween 920 3-D witch’s cauldron and broom H116 Halloween Chocolate Candy Mold Cybrtrayd H074 Halloween Chocolate Candy Mold, 3D Witch Wilton Fingers Non-Stick 8 Cavity Cookie Pan

Chocolate Skull and Chocolate Skeleton Molds

halloween chocolate candy moldsMedium Sugar Skull 3D mold H183 Halloween Chocolate Candy Mold

Skulls are great for Halloween AND the Day of the Dead .

You can make the skulls with white or dark chocolate… depending on how realistic you want it to look. (Or Sugar)

Skulls can be molded and decorated with different colored chocolate or food pens.

How to Use a Skull Mold

This is a 3D mold… so you fill both sides of the mold, then when the chocolate sets, you glue the halves together using more melted chocolate.
Don’t forget to clean up the edges!

A Skull needs some BONES!

I like to have the bones sticking out of the ground in my cake graveyard. Use white Chocolate or maybe other colors (for bones that have been in the ground)
I also use bones like these to decorate or augment Zombie Mousse.

Chocolate bones make great garnishes for mousse and pudding.

 Large Skeleton (top half) H102 Halloween Chocolate Candy Mold Large Skeleton (bottom half) H103 Halloween Chocolate Candy Mold Wilton Chocolate Mould – Skeleton Bones Bones: small, medium and large H127 Halloween Chocolate Candy Mold

Coffin and Tombstone Chocolate Molds

Make a Chocolate Graveyard!

 Make N’ Mold 1080 Dress My Cupcake Tombstone Minis Candy Mold

I love setting up a graveyard for Halloween…. these make great decorations for a sheet cake..

You can also put them on a load of cupcakes for a pull apart graveyard. (If you cover the cupcakes or cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate crumbs, it looks like dirt).

Use colors! Add names to the stones to “personalize” them. You can have a lot of fun setting up your Chocolate Graveyard.


Large 3 D Halloween Candy Chocolate Molds

These make a huge impact… use them as a centerpiece for your party… or treat someone special.
Wouldn’t it be fun to put a chocolate skull on the table… with a hammer. Maybe one for each person.
Imagine the destruction.

 3-D realistic brain H048 Halloween Chocolate Candy Mold Wilton Dimensions Nonstick 3D Skull Pan 3-D Pumpkin Candy Molds Part A Haunted House Candy Mold Part-A Haunted House Candy Mold Part-B SUCK UK 3D Zombie Hand Ice Mould


Looking for MORE Halloween Chocolate Candy Molds?

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halloween chocolate candy molds


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