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Spider Cupcakes Kids (and Adults) Will LOVE!

Spider Cupcakes Kids (and Adults) Will LOVE!

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spider cupcakesI found these Spider Cupcakes Kids and Adults will love on the Lindt Facebook page. They are super easy to make… and quite delicious to eat!

Being me, I made a change… I gave the spider a head. I firmly believe that spiders need heads (so they can see to stay out of my way). Also, I had this box of Milk Duds that was just about a perfect spider head shape and size. Lindt Truffles made up my spider body, but feel free to use any round chocolate you have lying around (check the trick or treat bags as they come through the door… Whoppers will work).

This is more a technique and instruction guide than a recipe… you do need to start with naked cupcakes (or simply frosted cupcakes) then you get to play with candy and chocolate to make the spiders. Use your favorite chocolate cupcake and buttercream recipe (but if you are in a screaming hurry, and really can’t be bothered, feel free to use a box mix … we’ll all look away for a moment).

As always, I’ve included step-by-step photos taken by me… the Angry Baker, so you can follow along (take your own photos though… and send them to me! I’d love to see!)

How to Make Spider Cupcakes Kids and Adults will LOVE

spider cupcakes kidsGet some cupcakes…. any flavor- scratch, box mix or from the store… just make sure they are naked.

Frost your cupcakes…. any flavor… I did mine with vanilla buttercream dyed orange. (Ok, if you BUY cupcakes, I guess you can buy frosted ones, as long as there aren’t sprinkles and stuff). Use a light color…. otherwise the spiders will vanish.

Melt chocolate …. (I use a microwave for this)… and put it in a piping bag or piping pen or zipper baggie with a corner clipped off. Pipe V’s.
Lots of V’s.
Set aside to set.

Unwrap your chocolates (I know, seems obvious… but I really don’t want to be sued by someone who decided to throw caution and good sense to the wind, and eat the paper)

Place a large round chocolate and a small roundish chocolate onto the cupcake. (see photo)

Stick on the legs.
Remember, there are 8 per spider.
Don’t hold the chocolate legs for long… they melt… and break…..
(you can remelt the broken ones if needed).



Looking for Cupcake Recipes?

Try one of these…. Cupcake Recipes

Spider Cupcake Supplies

You need Lindor Chocolates and Milk Duds…

Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles, 25.4 oz, 60 CountLindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles, 25.4 oz, 60 CountLindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles, 25.4 oz, 60 CountHERSHEY'S Milk Duds Candy 10 Ounce Halloween CandyHERSHEY’S Milk Duds Candy 10 Ounce Halloween CandyHERSHEY'S Milk Duds Candy 10 Ounce Halloween Candy



Step By Step Photos!

Follow Along to make Spider Cupcakes Kids will LOVE

Make the Spider Legs (This is the Part Where You Get to Play with Chocolate)

spider cupcakes kids

Melt chocolate… put into a piping bag (or ziplock baggie) with a small hole (warning… small means thin.. thin breaks easily). Pipe out inverted V’s onto a waxed paper covered tray.

You need a bunch of legs… and I do mean A BUNCH (spiders have 8 legs…. times 2 dozen cupcakes…. (calculating)…. 192 And make extra.. those little buggers are fiddly, and break. You can re-melt the broken ones to start over…

spider cupcakes kids

Got your Frosting? (any buttercream will do… you can even use the stuff in the can if you are desperate or pressed for time). I tinted mine orange… but you can use white (chocolate would hide the spiders)

spider cupcakes kids

Put the Frosting onto the cupcakes…. I used a piping bag for neatness… but a knife will do it.

spider cupcakes kids

Got your Truffles? (or round chocolate..) Got Milk Duds? (or little round chocolate)

spider cupcakes kids

Put a big chocolate ball on the cupcake, tuck the little one in front of it.

spider cupcakes kids

Add the legs, remember… there are 8 (my first 3 cupcakes ended up with 6, time to go back to school)

spider cupcakes kids

WARNING! Chocolate legs are a bit fragile, and may snap! Don’t PANIC!… just put on a different one, and throw the broken one back in the melting pot. Also… if you have hot hands… cool them down… you will soften the chocolate otherwise.

spider cupcakes kids

All Done!!

spider cupcakes kids



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