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Candy Bar Brownie Recipe- Use Up Those Halloween Candy Bars!

Candy Bar Brownie Recipe- Use Up Those Halloween Candy Bars!

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candy bar brownie recipe

Candy Bar Brownie RecipeBet you are wondering how I came up with this Candy Bar Brownie Recipe……

So, I’m in the Grocery Store, like I am just about every day (sometimes twice… I really have to make better lists), and the Halloween Candy displays are all up. CANDY CANDY CANDY.

I know, if I buy Halloween Candy today, by next week, it will be gone… nothing but a few tell tale wrappers under the sofa to show that it was ever there…

But… I stopped to look at the display….letting my mind wander…

See…the other day I made these great Brownies, and I was rolling ideas around in my head about how to play with the recipe… I see all those Halloween Chocolate Bars… and I’m thinking to myself…. Brownies…. Candy Bars…. ahhhhhh (lightbulb comes on) (well… fluorescent bulb slowly begins to glow with barely enough light to read by…) Candy Bar Brownies!.

Candy Bar Brownie RecipeWith the help of my favorite produce guy, John (he caught me standing in the aisle muttering to myself, and decided to help me move along… guess I was frightening the other customers), I loaded my cart with assorted favorites…. Milky Way Bars, Snickers, Hershey’s- Milk and White Chocolate with Oreos, Butterfingers, Heath Bars and Rolos…(ok, drooling now), and took the lot home.

The Angry Baker and her able assistant (the 10 year old) got to work… We melted, stirred, chopped, mixed and baked. The results…. delicious.

These easy Brownies are a surprise package… different flavors in every bite.

This Halloween, when the kids come in from Trick or Treats…. or you find yourself with some Chocolate Bars in the give-away bowl at the end of the evening… set some favorite bars aside to chop up and bake into Candy Bar Brownies.

I’ve included the easy recipe… and some step-by-step photos… so you can have your own Candy Bar Brownies in no time.

Candy Bar Brownie Recipe

 Didn’t Get Enough Candy While Trick or Treating?

HERSHEY'S Halloween Demon Treats Snack Size Assortment (48.05-Ounce Bag, 125 Pieces)HERSHEY’S Halloween Demon Treats Snack Size Assortment (48.05-Ounce Bag, 125 Pieces)Nestle Halloween Candy Chocolate Assorted Minis Bag, 40-OunceNestle Halloween Candy Chocolate Assorted Minis Bag, 40-Ounce


Step By Step Instructions with Photos

Candy Bar Brownie Recipe

Candy bar brownie recipe
Unwrap the Candy
Candy bar Brownie recipe
Chop the Candy Bars
candy bar brownie recipe
Spread some Batter over the prepared pan

Bake a Bit

Candy Bar Brownie recipe
Sprinkle Candy over Par-baked Brownies
candy bar brownie recipe
Candy Bar Brownie recipe
After it’s cool… Lift from pan by foil… then slice

candy bar brownie recipe


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