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Halloween Chocolate Mousse- Zombie Mousse with Bloody Raspberry Sauce

Halloween Chocolate Mousse- Zombie Mousse with Bloody Raspberry Sauce

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halloween chocolate mousse

Why do I make special Halloween Chocolate Mousse? I was thinking about the Holidays… already getting the calls from my mom and sister. You know the ones… “are you visiting for Thanksgiving”, “what do the kids want for Christmas”, and “who is hosting Christmas this year?” Argh!! Isn’t it still summer?

You know what I love about Halloween? You don’t have to buy anyone a present, there’s lots of candy, and I don’t have to wear panty hose.

It’sZombie Mousse a perfect Holiday.

Halloween is Monsters, Halloween is blood and gore, Halloween is Treats, and Halloween is a wonderful time to play with your food (in our house it’s also known as the holiday where mom gets food color everywhere).

This elegant Zombie Mousse with Blood Red Sauce is special enough to serve at your next dinner party… well, the next dinner party where the guests include Frankenstein and the Wolf Man…..

Actually, this Halloween Dessert is a light and fluffy White Chocolate Mousse (dyed green) with Raspberry Sauce presented with a white Chocolate Bone garnish. (I’ve been watching the Food Network… I’m learning all about garnishes and accents….) ( I also checked a Physiology book…. this particular bone is a metacarpal…)

Pretty easy to make.. and you can serve it in goblets or shot glasses..or mini cauldrons, if you have some lying around from your last witches meeting.


Elegant Halloween Chocolate Mousse with Blood Red Sauce Recipe

White Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Sauce

halloween Chocolate MousseServe Your Zombie Mousse in the Appropriate Glass

For Halloween Parties, serve Halloween Chocolate Mousse Mousse with Blood Red Sauce in small shot glasses.For smaller Halloween Dinner Parties, serve Zombie Mousse from a Wine glass. I love the skull glasses….

If you are feeling piggy… eat it out of the bowl.

zombie mousseLuminarc ARC International Atlas Martini Glass (Set of 4), 7.5 oz, Clearzombie mousseLibbey 4-Piece Cosmopolitan Cocktail/Martini Glasses, 8 Ounce, Clearzombie mousseKlikel 239-4a Skull Shot Glass (Set of 4), Transparent


Get Your Kids to Help Make the Halloween Chocolate Mousse

Zombie Mousse

My Daughter Loves to Cook

My Daughter LOVES to help in the kitchen… especially when I’m working with Chocolate.

She helped fold the Mousse base into the Whipped Cream (and licked the bowl)
She helped scrape the Raspberry Sauce through the sieve (then ate the seeds and pulp)
She helped make the Bones (and was creative with some of the shapes… and got eat the goofy ones)

I see a trend.

Step By Step Photos- How to Make Zombie Mousse

Break Up the White Chocolate

Halloween Chocolate Mousse

I Used Ghiradelli’s (this is the Bay Are

Egg Yolks and Sugar in a Bowl

Zombie Mousse

Whisk to Pale…. Takes a While

Zombie Mousse

it look like this

Pour Hot Cream over the Eggs and Sugar

Zombie Mousse

Slowly… or you’ll scramble your eggs

Pour Back into Saucepan

Cook Cream/Egg Mix on LOW … stirring CONSTANTLY

You will be able to draw a line across the wooden spoon when it’s ready

Zombie Mousse

    Pour Egg/Cream/Sugar Mix through a Strainer into Chocolate

Zombie Mousse

Dump out the greebles caught in your Sieve

 Stir the Chocolate Until it’s Melted

Zombie Mousse

this isn’t completely melted

This is Melted

Zombie Mousse

Add Green Food Color to the Chocolate

halloween Chocolate Mousse Whip Cream

Zombie Mousse

Stiff peaks! But not all the way to butter

 Add SOME Whipped Cream to the Chocolate

Zombie Mousse

This is sort of sacrificial whipped cream… it will lose some poof, but it will lighten the chocolate .. DON”T PANIC

Fold in the Rest of the Whipped Cream

halloween chocolate mousse

Use a Spatula… this is a delicate operation.

Fill Your Serving Glasses with Mousse

Zombie Mousse

Use a Spoon or Piping Bag

Found this out the hard way…..”

For Blood Red Raspberry Sauce

Scrape Pureed Raspberry through a Sieve

Zombie Mousse

Unless you want seeds in your Sauce

 Raspberry Sauce…. or Blooooooood

Zombie Mousse

Spoon Raspberry Sauce over Mousse

halloween chocolate mousse

Also Serve Raspberry Sauce on the Side

 Make the Bones by Squirting Melted Chocolate from a Piping Bag

Melt chocolate over low heat

                  Bones… Two Bumps on top… Long Bone in Middle… Two on bottom

Zombie MousseZombie Mousse

then cool

You Can Serve Zombie Mousse in a BIG CUP

Zombie Mousse

halloween chocolate mousse



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