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Best Strawberry Scone Recipe

Best Strawberry Scone Recipe

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Strawberry SconeIt seems like most scones skimp on the fruit. This Best Strawberry Scone Recipe bakes up a fantastic exception. Fresh Strawberries add a sweet touch, and since you cover the whole top with them, there is fruit in every bite of the Strawberry Scone.

Best of all, my daughter loves them! I can actually get her to finish her breakfast, and ask for more, when I bake her these Scones.

Now, scones can be tricky things. To keep the texture right, you need to keep the butter cold. This means handling it with your hot little hands AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. There are some techniques in this recipe to help keep the butter cold, and the scones light. The strawberries are shingled across the top, and then covered with a thin layer of scone dough. You get strawberry in every bite.

A sprinkling of sugar across the top makes it extra sweet.

Before you start baking, put the butter in the freezer for 30 minutes. ( I usually keep a pound of butter in the freezer…you never know when the need for scones will pop up)

Read all instructions before beginning… it saves you from surprises.

Best Strawberry Scone Recipe

 Prepare the Strawberries QUICKLY with this Strawberry Set

Washes, hulls and slices strawberries! You will find yourself using this set all summer long.

Joie 3-Piece Strawberry Colander, Huller and Slicer SetJoie 3-Piece Strawberry Colander, Huller and Slicer Set


Step By Step Instructions with Photos

Slice Your Strawberries!

Strawberry scones

Get your strawberries sliced ahead of time

Your Dough Should Look Like This

Best Strawberry Scone Recipe

When you turn your dough out onto the wax paper, it should look like this.

Work Scone Dough in Wax Paper

Best Strawberry Scone Recipe

Fold wax paper over dough to work carefully into a disk

Shingle (more or less) Strawberries on Scone Dough

Best Strawberry Scone Recipe

Get the strawberries laid out on the scone dough disk.

Top the Strawberries with a Dough Round

Best Strawberry Scone Recipe

After layering on the strawberries, cover them with the extra dough round.

Put the Wedges on a Baking Sheet

Best Strawberry Scone Recipe

Carefully put the wedges into a mostly round shape on the baking sheet. Bonus points for making it look good… but it will taste good no matter what.

Sprinkle with Sugar and bake.

Best Strawberry Scone Recipe

Strawberry Scones have Strawberry in Every Bite

Best Strawberry Scone Recipe



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