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Dried Fruit Scone Recipe – with Tropical Fruit

Dried Fruit Scone Recipe – with Tropical Fruit

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dried fruit scone recipe

This Dried Fruit Scone Recipe is useful for people like me who hate waste. Somewhere along the line, for reasons lost in the mists of time, I purchased a small packet of chopped dried tropical fruits. Actually, I’m pretty sure that a stranger might have slipped into my shopping cart by accident, and I just didn’t notice until I got home. And so, it’s been sitting in the pantry for a few months, just waiting to be eaten or donated away.

I do feel guilty about donating food that I’m not sure anyone would like, so I chose to accept the challenge, and bake something with them. Scones are generally a good place to use up fruit bits, so I went to work concocting a tropical scone.

Dried Fruit Scone RecipeThe packet was small, and contained coconut flakes, papaya and pineapple bits. I added more chopped fruits (apricots because that’s what I had), and some chopped candied ginger to bring the quantity up to 1 cup.

Then I went to work.

I wanted to punch up the coconut flavor, so I combined Cream of Coconut with heavy cream. Cream of Coconut is available in the adult beverages section of the grocery store (it’s used for Pina Coladas), or you can use regular heavy cream combined with a teaspoon of Coconut Extract. If you don’t want to add coconut… just use 1 cup of heavy cream.

The result… a yummy flavorful scone with different flavors of coconut and papaya… along with a few hits of ginger (FYI, my youngest does not like to be assaulted by ginger, so next time I may leave it out).

As for me? I love them. These scones are a fabulous pick-me-up in the middle of a dreary day. Light, with a wonderful sugar crust, delicious warm… still delicious when they’ve cooled…. I’m going to have to find more tropical fruit bits.

Dried Fruit Scone Recipe – With Tropical Fruit

Dried Fruit For Scones

Try different combinations!

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Step By Step Instructions with Photos!

Combine the Coconut Cream, Heavy Cream and Egg in a Bowl

dried fruit scone recipe

Put the Dry Ingredients in a Medium Bowl…

Grate in the Butter and then Rub with your Fingertips

dried fruit scone recipe

 Pour the Wet Ingredients into the Dry Ingredients

Stir a few Times

dried fruit scone recipe

Add the Fruit Bits, Stir a Bit

dried fruit scone recipe

Turn out Onto Waxed Paper to Shape

dried fruit scone recipeShaped into Disk Form

dried fruit scone recipe

Slice and Place on Covered Baking Sheet

dried fruit scone recipeSeparate

dried fruit scone recipeSprinkle with Sugar in the Raw (Turbinado Sugar)

dried fruit scone recipe

Bake 20 Minutes

dried fruit scone recipeCool and Eat

dried fruit scone recipe


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