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The Angry Baker Doesn’t Live on Baked Goods Alone…

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You can’t just eat cake (well, you CAN)…. sometimes, you just want to have a glass (ok, or two) of wine.

Menu Baggy Wine BagBut, taking wine along can be a problem…. Picnics, Ski Trips, Vacations, Beach Parties (any Parties), Wedding Showers…. pretty much anywhere…(well, not school functions, the line MUST be drawn somewhere)…you can’t just walk around holding bottles (or boxes) of wine. Luckily, I found this great site that has some fun ideas for Wine Bags and Purses that you can carry with you (a plain brown bag apparently makes you look like a hobo… don’t go there). Not only are they practical and cute… some are perfect for giving as a gift! (Filled with wine, of course).

It’s a toss up to me whether my favorite is the Bag for Box Wine (yup, you can make Box Wine look good), or the more sophisticated purple (I love Purple) Crocodile Wine Carrier.

Take a look… which is your favorite?




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