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Coffee Toffee Bar Recipe

Coffee Toffee Bar Recipe

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coffee toffee bar recipe

This Coffee Toffee Bar Recipe is great for working out frustrations. You see, I love smashing things with a hammer. (In fact, a sledge hammer may be my favorite tool of all time.) It’s so satisfying. What once was big, is now pulverized….


Before you call in the padded truck …. keep in mind that I only smash things that REALLY NEED smashing.

hee hee

Had to do a lot of baking today, as I am expecting a crowd of 20 hungry teens here tomorrow…. YIKES… So I pulled out this recipe for Coffee Toffee Bars. I love it because I get to use my hammer to smash some candy bars (and really, how often do you get to use a hammer in baking?) And because it tastes wonderful, despite being ugly.

Make it, it will make you feel better even before you eat it.

And when you do eat it? mmmmmm Mini-Nirvana

This is one of those recipes that needs a baked base, then you dump a lot of stuff on top of the base, and bake it a second time. Since the base is basically sugar cookie dough, you can use one of those 1 lb. bags of sugar cookie mix from the store, or you can buy a tube of sugar cookie dough, or you can use my scratch recipe for cookie dough (only use around 1/3 of it though, so it doesn’t get too thick… make sugar cookies with the rest)

Also, you can add more coffee crystals if you want. I like it strong, but maybe you want to dial back the flavor for kids.

And yes, I know it is possible to buy Heath Bar bits in a bag in the baking department… but where’s the fun in that? Buy 4 Heath bars (or 5) put them in a plastic bag, and smash them with your hammer. Soooo satisfying!

My friend calls this Coffee Toffee Bar Recipe “Cookie Crack”… they are that addicting.
Consider that your warning!

The Step-by-Step Photos below will take you through this Recipe….

Coffee Toffee Bar Recipe


What Is A Heath Bar?

For those of you in the Great White North, and other places outside the US…. Heath bars are chocolate covered bars of hard toffee.

Skor Bars are kissing cousins…

coffee toffee bar recipeHEATH English Toffee Bars (1.4-Ounce Bars, Pack of 18)coffee toffee bar recipeCrushed Heath Candy Bars Toppings 1LB Bagcoffee toffee bar recipe36 Heath Milk Chocolate English Toffee Bars in a Bomber Gift Box


Step By Step Instructions for the Coffee Toffee Bar Recipe With Photos!

Bake the Sugar Cookie Crust in a Parchment Lined Pan

coffee toffee bar recipe

It will look like this… kind of brown at the edges

Heat Up the Sweetened Condensed Milk, and Stir in the Coffee Crystals

coffee toffee bar recipe

Combine the Chocolate Chips, Nuts and Toffee Bits

coffee toffee bar recipe

 Sprinkle the Nuts, chocolate and Toffee over the Baked Cookie Dough

coffee toffee bar recipe

Pour Condensed Milk/Coffee Mixture Over it All

coffee toffee bar recipe

Spread it Around By Banging the Pan Against the Counter

coffee toffee bar recipe

a Spatula will Make a Mess

Bake for 23-27 Minutes

coffee toffee bar recipe

it will be browning at the edges

Slice and Eat

coffee toffee bar recipe

You Might want to Wait Until They Cool If you Want Neat Edges

coffee toffee bar recipe

Store By Layering In a Box with Waxed Paper

coffee toffee bar recipeEnjoy!!!!!


  1. What a great cookie to make for a big group of teenagers! I think my husband would like these. He’s a chocolate fiend! Gonna have to try this. Thanks!


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