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Candied Kumquat Scones with Crystallized Ginger

Candied Kumquat Scones with Crystallized Ginger

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Kumquat Scones

A few days ago I started experimenting with Kumquats. My last recipe was all about Candied Kumquats (it’s pretty easy, all you need are Kumquats -naturally, Sugar and Water). So now I’ve got these Candied Kumquats… what do I do with them? Well, they are delicious over ice cream, and you can eat them plain, or you can bake with them. I started playing around in the kitchen, and came up with a few recipes. The first… Candied Kumquat Scones.

When my daughter came home from school she says, “mmmmm, smells good! what are you baking?”….  I told her Scones with Candied Kumquats and Crystallized Ginger she stopped dead in her tracks.


Ok, so these are a little more… what’s the word?…. exotic? than I usually make.


The flavors are great. The Candied Kumquat gives the scones a nice citrus punch, and I used the syrup to add a flavor all through the scone. And the crystallized ginger? well… much like the Kumquats, it was an impulse purchase, so I figured that since they both came from the same impulse, they belonged together in the same scone. Follow the logic? At any rate, it works, match made in Candied heaven.

Ok, before you say things like “this is too complicated” or “I just want to eat plain scones”

Kumquat Sconebe aware that these scones are no more complicated than your average scone (that is, not complicated at all) and they are delicious. The Candied Kumquat gives them a nice flavor. As for the kids? Don’t spend a ton of time elaborating about the “things” in the scones… just feed them the scones, the flavors aren’t so strong that they will turn away.

If you’ve seen my recipe for making Candied Kumquats, you know just how easy it is to make them. But, you can buy them in a jar. As for the Crystallized Ginger? The sweet bite goes well with the citrus…but, if it just seems like too much for you to deal with, you can reduce the amount, or leave it out entirely.

Scones are fairly easy, and I do have a few tricks to show you to insure success. The BIGGEST SECRET to successful scones? Frozen Butter. Seriously. Keep some butter in the freezer at all times, and your scones will always come out light and perfect.

I often sprinkle Turbinado Sugar (Sugar in the Raw) over my scones before baking… gives them a sweet crunch. You can find Turbinado Sugar in the baking aisle at the grocery store, or in the little brown packets at the local coffee bar (not that I’m suggesting you slip a few extra bags of Sugar in the Raw into your purse while grabbing your morning latte…. this is just for identification purposes…. ) (but, should you need to investigate further, I’d suggest 4 packets).

As usual, I’ve added step-by-step photos of the process.

Candied Kumquat Scones with Crystallized Ginger Recipe


Make your own Candied Kumquats

Candied Kumquat Recipe

Buy Candied Kumquats

scones with candied kumquatsIsreali Candied Jumbo Kumquat, 2 lb, Koshered, Made in Israelscones with candied kumquatsCandied Kumquats. 16 oz bag


Step By Step Instructions

 Combine the Dry Stuff in A Mixing Bowl

Flour, Baking Powder, Sugar

 Chop up Your Candied Kumquat

Just a Rough Chop is Good

scones with candied kumquats

Chop the Crystallized Ginger

Smaller than this is Good… Yes, you can leave it out if you don’t want to use it….

 scones with candied kumquats

Grate the Butter into the Dry Ingredients

Don’t Get your Knuckles!

scones with candied kumquats

Go kind of fast, or your hands will get all schmeary.

Add the Kumquat and Ginger to the Flour/Butter Mix

 scones with candied kumquats

Toss to Incorporate the Bits

Notice…you can see bits of fruit, and even bits of butter

scones with candied kumquats

Add the Wet Stuff to the Dry Stuff

Cream, Eggs, Syrup… stir to mix

scones with candied kumquats

Dump out of the Bowl When it Looks Like This

I use the Waxed Paper Method… it’s easier to clean up

 what can I make with candied kumquats

Pat to a Circle (ok, or square) and Turn Onto the Parchment Paper

what can I make with candied kumquats

Score the Dough, then Sprinkle with Turbinado Sugar

Yes, you can use table sugar, or leave it out altogether

what can I make with candied kumquats

Bake 25 minutes

Let Cool a few (3 or 4) minutes, and then cut the pieces

 what can I make with candied kumquats

Ready to Eat

 Candied Kumquat Scone


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