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Spooky Fun Eyeball Cake Pops Recipe for Halloween

Spooky Fun Eyeball Cake Pops Recipe for Halloween

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eyeball cake pops recipe

Cake Eye Balls For Halloween

I LOVE Halloween. It’s a great holiday… no presents to deal with, free candy, and I get to play with food! The kids do get a little nervous around here… some things come out looking a little spooky… Like this Fun EyeBall Cake Pops RECIPE!

But just think of the fun you can have!


When was the last time someone offered you an eyeball as a treat? These Cake Pop Eye Balls for Halloween are red velvet cake balls covered in white chocolate, then painted to look like eyes. You can paint the outside to be as gruesome as you can stand. Bite into the hard outer shell, and you get the sweet, chocolatey, red velvet cake….yum…. and ICK!

These cake balls are easy to make, and fun to decorate. I got all the kids involved.

And they are perfect for Halloween Parties, or whenever you feel like eating Eye Balls.

Eyeball Cake Pops Recipe

Spooky Fun Eyeball Cake Pops Recipe for Halloween

Category: Halloween, Holiday Baking

Servings: 25

Cake Eye Balls for Halloween

This is more a Technique, than a Recipe.... You need to make cake balls, then decorate them. I've outlined and photographed the step by step process below. Don't panic if they don't come out beautiful and perfect..... mine NEVER do. I figure it just adds to the gruesome nature of the project. Go with it. All 3 of my kids had fun with the painting. It was interesting to see what they came up with.... my older daughter made them fairly neat... the little one painted beautiful irises in the eyes.... and my son's eyes kept getting more disgusting looking as he went (his last one had a putrid dent in the top, and lots of blood... we took the paintbrushes back at that point...)


  • Red Velvet Cake baked- just a box mix is fine
  • Can of White Frosting
  • White Candy Melts
  • Lollipop Sticks
  • Paste Food Coloring
  • Paint Brushes
  • Foam to Rest Pops


  • The first thing you need is a baked Red Velvet Cake. For Cake Balls I use a box mix.... it's just easier. Bake it according to the box directions and let it cool. If you plan to make the cake balls immediately, trim off any hard or rough corners. If you bake the cake the day before you plan to make the balls (and I do recommend this) store it in an airtight container. The edges will soften up, and you won't have waste.
  • Crumble the Cake into a large mixing bowl, really work it with your hands and turn that cake into crumbs. Now... roll up your sleeves because it's going to get messy... Add in about 3/4 of the container of frosting... (I like white, but chocolate will work too). With your hands, mix and moosh the whole thing together until you have something resembling a goopy mess.
  • Scrape as much as you can off of your hands. Now go wash your hands.
  • Get out a cookie sheet or baking sheet, and cover it with foil or parchment paper.
  • Put a little bit of oil or non-stick spray on your hands (you don't have to, but it's a bit less messy if you do)
  • Using a small cookie scoop, scoop up a tight ball of the Goop into your hand. Roll the ball as tight and smooth as you can. Set the ball on the backing sheet.... Repeat until the goop is all balls.
  • Put the sheet of balls into the refrigerator for a few hours (or the freezer for 30 minutes if you are in a hurry)
  • When you are ready to go.... prepare your workspace
  • Set out the foam to receive the pops (I like to jam the pop sticks into a foam square)
  • Take the balls from the fridge
  • Melt the Vanilla Candy Melts in the microwave... stir to make sure it's as smooth as possible
  • Dip a lollipop stick into the melted candy about an inch.... let it set a second
  • Stick on a Cake Ball... and dip it in to the candy.
  • Let the excess drip off
  • Stick the lollipop stick into the foam.
  • Repeat until all the balls are dipped
  • Now a disclaimer.... sometimes, something goes wrong... and a ball falls off the stick. I'm sure the cake ball experts would know exactly what I did wrong... but.... I haven't the first freaking clue. DON"T PANIC! Just scoop the ball out with a fork... and set it on a plate (a wax paper covered plate is best, but in an emergency, you just want to get it out and on to something.) These little goofs are good eating. Feed them to anyone who wanders into the kitchen looking for a taste.
  • Put the foam boards with all the dipped balls into the fridge until they are solid.... (unless they are getting solid at room temperature... in which case you're good)
  • Set up your paints... I have this little paint palate and I put a bit of the paste food coloring in each hole. Paste food coloring doesn't always look like what color it is until you paint it on... so you can make a mark, or just remember which is which). I tend to use blue or green for the eyes, then black for the iris, and red for the veins.... but there are no rules. You want your eyes to be jaundiced? add yellow.... some people have brown eyes... violet is pretty... or make red eyes. Totally up to you.
  • You need clean paintbrushes. DON"T just go rooting through your kid's art box hoping to find one. I have brushes that go with my baking stuff and stay there! (under threat of serious yelling ... and that goes for my good sewing scissors too!)
  • Now Paint.
  • I start out making a circle in the blue or green, then make lines in from the outside to the center... kind of looks like eyes that way.
  • A black dot goes in the center
  • Then you can add icky red veins or blood.
  • Stick it back in the foam as you finish
  • Repeat.
  • When they are dry, you can bag them in clear cellophane bags, and tie them off with black ribbon
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Supplies for the Eyeball Cake Pop Recipe

You start with Red Velvet Cake, white frosting… and white candy melts.
For assembly, you need sticks, food color and a rack.

How to Make Eye Ball Cake Pops for HalloweenBetty Crocker Red Velvet Cake Mix 15.25oz per box (Pack of 2)How to Make Eye Ball Cake Pops for HalloweenPillsbury Creamy Supreme Frosting Classic White



How to Make Eye Ball Cake Pops for HalloweenMerckens Ivory Chocolate, Rainbow White, 2 PoundsHow to Make Eye Ball Cake Pops for HalloweenWilton White Candy Melts, 12-OunceHow to Make Eye Ball Cake Pops for HalloweenWilton Set of 8 Icing ColorsHow to Make Eye Ball Cake Pops for HalloweenAmeriColor Soft Gel Paste Food Color, Junior Kit-8 assorted colors,0.75 oz bottlesHow to Make Eye Ball Cake Pops for HalloweenWilton 415-2264 Slanted Pops StandHow to Make Eye Ball Cake Pops for HalloweenLollipop sticks 100 count 6 inch


How to Make this Eyeball Cake Pops Recipe for Halloween

Step by Step Instructions

Assemble Your Supplies

Cake Crumbs, Frosting, Foam Board and Lollipop Sticks

Crumble the Cake into a bowl

eyeball cake pops recipe

 Mix the Frosting in with the Cake Crumbs

Moosh it all together with your hands… you want it sticky, but not so wet that it falls apart.

eyeball cake pops recipe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                       Roll a Bit of Cake Moosh into a Ball

About the size of a small ping pong ball

eyeball cake pops recipe


Put the Naked Cake Balls into the Fridge

on a foil or parchment covered pan

eyeball cake pops recipe

Melt the Vanilla Candy Melts

Stick the Lollipop Stick in the Candy, Stick it into a Cake Ball, then dip the cake ball into the melted candy.

Submerge completely… take your time.

eyeball cake pops recipe


Stick the Dipped Cake Ball In the Foam Board

Let Set… in fridge if needed
Note, if you are like me, they won’t look smooth… that’s ok
more realistic…

eyeball cake pops recipe


Prepare Your Food Paste and Paint Brush

If You Don’t have a Palate… dab the food paste on some aluminum foil

eyeball cake pops recipe

Start by Painting a Circle

eyeball cake pops recipe

Paint from the Outside Circle in to the Middle

eyeball cake pops recipe

Paint all the Way Around the Circle

eyeball cake pops recipe


Add the Black Spot in the Middle

and some Creepy Red Veins

eyeball cake pops recipe

You Can Add A Few Extra Effects

Sutures, Mold…. the usual

eyeball cake pops recipe

My Daughter LOVES to Help with the Painting
Kids can help

eyeball cake pops recipe



Wrap them Up in a Cellophane Bag

Tied with a Ribboncake eye balls for halloween

YUCK!!! Red Stuff inside the EYE BALL!!

Kids love the Gross Out Factoreyeball cake pops recipe

Cake Eye Balls Wrapped and Ready for the Halloween Party

how to make cake pop eye balls for halloween

eyeball cake pops recipe



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