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Chocolate Mocha Cookie Recipe

Chocolate Mocha Cookie Recipe

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mocha truffle cookieCoffee…? Chocolate….?
Can’t decide…. Have both!

This rich, decadent, and sort of goofy looking Chocolate Mocha Cookie Recipe is loaded with tons of chocolate, and flavored with coffee.

It’s not a cookie for the faint-hearted, and it might keep you up at night….But in the middle of the afternoon…when you’ve hit that low point, these are the ticket. (My son, the night owl, adores these!)

And, warm from the oven, they are nirvana….

This is an easy cookie to make- doesn’t require any special skills or talents. If you can use a microwave to melt, use a mixer to combine, and use an oven to bake, you’re good.


*Nescafe makes these coffee singles.. you’ll need 2 single packs. They do make a French Roast. YUM. ( but it’s not Peets….)


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