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Double Chocolate Cherry Cookie Recipe

Double Chocolate Cherry Cookie Recipe

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double chocolate Cherry cookie recipeI have a good reason for baking this Double Chocolate Cherry Cookie Recipe. Someone once actually told me how lucky I am to be an At-Home mom …. I can just sit around all day eating chocolate covered cherries and watching Oprah.


My first impulse was to whack some sense into that pea brain, instead I did an eye roll so massive that I practically induced brain hemorrhage.

First of all… Oprah was on during prime gotta-get-kids-to-soccer-piano-baseball-karate-football-ice-skating-origami time (and please don’t talk to me about TIVO… let’s just say… it’s complicated)

Second…. chocolate covered cherries are kind of yucky. I don’t trust food in that particular shade of atomic red.


Oprah is gone-ish, and I’ve come up with a way to make Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies that don’t leave you with that “what did I just eat?” feeling. Fudgy cookie, chocolate chips and DRIED cherries make my Chocolate Chocolate Cherry Cookies delicious, and less messy than that goopy stuff.

Try them, maybe while you’re driving to the next recital-band-practice-field-hockey-game-track-meet.


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