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Chewy Chocolate Cookies Scratch

Chewy Chocolate Cookies Scratch

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Chewy Chocolate cookies scratch

Needed an indulgent treat today. Something gooey, rich, and above all, chocolate. Nothing fancy or froo-froo…. I wanted the kind of treat that didn’t need a fork, or fancy ingredients, or special tools. I needed a Chewy Chocolate Cookie!

Put on an Apron, and started pulling out ingredients. Basics… Butter, Sugar, Flour, Egg, Cocoa… mixed and fiddled… Got a cookie out of it…

Chewy Chocolate Cookies… Plain or with Marshmallow Filling

While these are terrific plain… when I added a Marshmallow Filling, and I knew I had something extra special.

Oh Wow! These are REALLY GOOD! (“like a really really good oreo but better” says my oldest) Kids snarf these down…. adults slowly savor them.

These Chewy Chocolate Cookies with Marshmallow Filling are a super indulgence. Soft and chewy, deeply Chocolate cookies sandwich a gooey Marshmallowy filling made from White Mountain Frosting.

They are a little extra work… but they are so worth it. (I’ve written up the cookie recipe below and the linked to frosting recipe, and added a few step-by-step photos below…)

And on a day like today…. where it seems like I spent most of my day in the car…. driving to work, driving to the bus depot (kid bus pass issues, sigh), driving to soccer, picking up from school, and driving to soccer (there are 2 soccer players in my world). Then there was cooking dinner, laundry, 3rd grade Homework, and cleaning up the kitchen. Really…. at the end of it all…. it was time for a cookie. A really good cookie.

Somewhere in the middle of everything this afternoon, I found time to do some baking.

And this evening, with a cup of tea, I got indulge in a Chewy Chocolate Sandwich Cookie with Marshmallow Filling.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies Scratch Recipe


 White Mountain Frosting Recipe

Click HERE to Get the Recipe for White Mountain Frosting


Step By Step Photos


Bake Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Chewy Chocolate Cookies scratchLet Cool on a Rack

Pipe on the Filling/ White Mountain Frosting

 Chewy Chocolate Cookie scratch

How Much Frosting?

Chewy Chocolate Cookies with White Mountain Frosting

About This Much White Mountain Frosting is Perfect

 Fill a Plate with Chewy Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Marshmallow Filling

chewy chocolate cookies with Marshmallow filling

then EAT

Take Chewy Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Marshmallow Filling to a Bake Sale

Watch them FLY off your sale table.

Wrap 2 in a cellophane bag (or zipper bag), tie at the top with a ribbon… make them pretty.

To serve I sometimes put them in Cupcake Liners! Makes it look professional!

Then SELL!



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