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Mixed Berry Bars Recipe

Mixed Berry Bars Recipe

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mixed Berry Bars recipe
Berry Bars

I love most any dessert that uses fruit… especially berries. And now it’s summer, so berries are in season… It’s time to bake this Mixed Berry Bars Recipe!

Then there’s streusel. I could eat it without the cake underneath it. Pick pick… I’d get my fingers slapped for that…For those of you who don’t know… streusel is that sweet, crunchy, baked topping that goes on top of some cakes and muffins, and in this case…. Mixed Berry Bars.


I got a special request from Lindsi to publish this recipe…
I love it, Lindsi loves it, and I’m sure you will too.

Mixed Berry Bars Recipe


Bake Sale Favorite

This is a great Bake Sale Recipe!

Wrap it up with plastic wrap and tie it with a ribbon.

It’ll sell like hotcakes! or… Berry Bars.

Bake Sale Supplies


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