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Best Homemade Applesauce Recipe

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best homemade applesauce recipeMaking the best homemade applesauce recipe is super easy. We have an apple tree, so I tend to use our own Fuji and Braeburn apples. Usually he ones with the dings or funny marks get transformed to applesauce. You can buy apples, or pick them in an orchard (or grab a few that are hanging over your neighbor’s fence).

Peeling and slicing the apples is the most complex part…. and with an Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer, you can have that done quickly (and you could probably con a child into doing it, because it’s “fun!”)

This recipe makes a few cups, and the measurements of sugar and cinnamon are guidelines (taste as you go…adjust as needed) And… if you want more… make more…

Serve it warm or cold… or use it in baking.

Make a lot… and you can freeze it!

If you plan to keep the apple sauce around for more than an hour or two, add lemon juice to keep it from browning.

Best Homemade Applesauce Recipe

Makes 2- 3 cups (can be doubled or tripled)

Prep Time: 10 – 15 minutes (depending on how fast you can peel apples)

Total Time: 45 minutes


6 Apples– peeled and sliced (I prefer a tart apple, but any apple will do… except Red Delicious, they just don’t taste good sauced.)

1/2 cup water

1/4 cup Sugar approx.

1 tsp of ground Cinnamon

1 tsp Lemon Juice to keep it from browning


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Peel, core and slice the apples.

Put the apple slices into a heavy bottomed saucepan.

Add the water, sugar and ground cinnamon. (If you are going to keep the apple sauce a while, add lemon juice).

Cook over medium heat… stirring from time to time with a wooden spoon. The apples will start to break down. As they break down, the water will evaporate.

Taste the applesauce (blow on the spoon first so you don’t burn your tongue!!) Sweet enough? Too sweet? If you need more sugar, add it. If you want more tartness, add lemon.

Continue stirring until the applesauce gets to the consistency you want. I like my apple sauce chunky.

Let cool and eat. (by the way… it’s delicious WARM)



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