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Best Cranberry Orange Bread Recipe

Best Cranberry Orange Bread Recipe

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Best Cranberry Orange Bread Recipe

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Best Cranberry Orange Bread RecipeThis flavorful and easy  recipe for the BEST Cranberry Orange Bread came from the Kindergarten Cooking Program at School. The mother of our Kindergarten teacher brought the recipe and ingredients in to school, and made it with the kids there in the classroom. My picky daughter even ate a slice… even though it was full of “things”.Those “things” are cranberries, and if you are a cranberry lover, you will adore this recipe. It’s chock full of fresh AND dried cranberries. It’s super easy to make….. no special equipment required (hey! Kindergartners made this in a classroom… you can handle this). So it’s perfect for this crazy Holiday Season.

The BEST Cranberry Orange Bread Makes a Great Gift

Added bonus... Bake the Best Cranberry Orange Bread  to make a great holiday gift.… bake a few loaves, wrap them in cellophane, tie with a ribbon, and you have hostess gifts, acquaintance gifts, office party treats, potluck donations, and emergency “holy cow I forgot to get something for ….!!” gifts to get you through the season.

Try it… You will LOVE it.

Try the Easy Cranberry Orange Quick Bread Today!

The amounts of cranberry in this Double Cranberry Orange Bread seem overwhelming, you can cut it down to a cup of each. But… try it first as written. I included Step-by-Step photos below…just to make it easier.

Use fresh Orange Peel and Orange Juice to round out the flavors.

Step By Step Directions with Photos!

Line the Loaf Pan with Parchment Paper

It Makes The Bread Come Out in One Piece

Best Cranberry Orange Bread RecipeCut the Butter into Pieces

Best Cranberry Orange Bread Recipe

Use a Pastry Cutter or a Fork or a Knife to Cut the Butter into the Flour

Best Cranberry Orange Bread RecipeGrate Orange Zest Into the Flour

best cranberry Orange bread recipeAdd the Wet Ingredients to the Dry Ingredients
<style=”text-align: center;”>easy cranberry Orange bread recipeFold Until Just Combined

Add the Cranberries

best cranberry Orange bread recipe

Fold them in

Your Batter Will Look Like This..

best cranberry Orange bread recipePut the Batter in the Pan
cranberry orange

Stick it in the Oven

Bake 1 Hour and 10 Minutes

Best Cranberry Orange Bread Recipe

Let Cool on a Rack

Slice and Eat or Wrap up to Give Away

Best Cranberry Orange Bread Recipe

easy Cranberry Orange Bread Recipe


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