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Buying Pecans in Bulk

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buying pecans in bulkI buy my Pecans in bulk. There is no sense in me buying those little bitty bags at the local supermarket. For the same price as a bitty bag, I can get a nice big bag at this fruit and nut stand I found outside of Davis, California, called Pendrick’s.

My kids are involved in sports, and kid sports involves travel. Whenever we have to head out that way, I load up on fruits and veggies, and especially as we approach the holidays… or whenever I’m running low… nuts.

In my garage is a deep freeze. I bag the nuts in double zip-lock bags… LABEL the bag with content name, and the date I bought it… and stick it on the nut shelf (below the banana shelf… I’m not obsessive or hyper-organized.. I just like things to be where I can find them).

The nuts should last a few months in the freezer.

Buying Pecans in bulk


  1. Ideal for cooking, restaurants, specialty stores or just to have on hand.  Our cases enable you to buy pecans in bulk at less cost.  


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