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Best Butterscotch Chip Cookies- Chocolate of Course!

Best Butterscotch Chip Cookies- Chocolate of Course!

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Chocolate Butterscotch CookiesIt’s my job, as the official mom-in-the-house, to take care of all sorts of jobs and duties. Obvious things like- making dinner and doing laundry… unpleasant things like- cleaning toilets and doing laundry…. and then there are the tricky things like-finding obscure soccer fields at 7am, getting stubborn, unidentifiable stains out of laundry, and helping with homework.

Now…thanks to the GPS, and google maps, I can usually find the soccer field by the second try.

But the homework… that’s a problem. How much help do you give? How much of that essay do you write/edit? And the worst of all…. what if you just can’t figure it out?

Turns out, I can’t do third grade math. It’s very embarrassing. I mean, this is my fourth time through the third grade (me.. plus three kids), you’d THINK I could handle a simple math problem.

But I can’t


I can, however, take my anger in to the kitchen and create a new cookie.

Chocolate Cookies with Butterscotch Chips are not earth shattering or ground breaking, but they are sweet and soul satisfying. The recipe is straightforward, and I’ve included step-by-step photos as always.

Next week, I’ll take a math class that our elementary school is offering to teach parents math…. I’m taking along some cookies to bribe the teacher so I get a good grade.


Best Butterscotch Chip Cookies- Chocolate of Course!

This is the Problem That Stumped Me

Can You Figure Out the Answer?

“The fact families 2×3=6 and 2×10=20 both contain exactly three different digits. How many other fact families with dividends under 100 contain exactly three different digits? Name one multiplication fact in each of these families.”

Yes, this is third grade math.

No, it did not come with explanations or instructions.

Yes, I feel like a dork in front of my 9 year old.


Got Cookies? You NEED a Cookie Jar!

Vintage Ceramic Mason Cookie Jar | Extra Wide Design with Stay-Fresh LidVintage Ceramic Mason Cookie Jar | Extra Wide Design with Stay-Fresh LidAnchor Hocking 1.5-Gallon Montana Jar with Brushed Metal LidAnchor Hocking 1.5-Gallon Montana Jar with Brushed Metal LidOggi Jumbo 9-1/2-Inch Ceramic Cookie Jar, WhiteOggi Jumbo 9-1/2-Inch Ceramic Cookie Jar, White



Mix Up Your Dough

best butterscotch chip cookies

Just Add the Ingredients In Order…Easy

Scoop the Cookie Blobs Onto the Cookie Sheet

best butterscotch chip cookies

Use a little thumb release scoop if you have one… otherwise, use a spoon

Let the Baked Cookies Rest on the Sheet for 2 to 3 Minutes

best butterscotch chip cookies

Pick them up too soon… and they will fall apart, land on the floor, make a mess, make you sad…

be patient!

Transfer to a Rack

best butterscotch chip cookies

almost there…

yes, if you like warm cookies, now is the time to dig in

Now Eat!

best butterscotch chip cookies

yum…I feel better, how about you?

The Answer…

did anyone get it?

Did you figure out the answer?

It’s 8

yup…. EIGHT

Sigh.. it reminds me of Douglas Adam’s Hitch hiker series….”the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy”, “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”, and “Life, the Universe and Everything”.

Know it? seems that some philosophers wanted to understand Life the Universe and Everything, so they built a giant computer to give them the answer… it spit out 42.
So they had to build an even bigger computer… the Earth… to work out what the question was.

Looks like we need to build a big computer….

best butterscotch chip cookies


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