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What is an Angry Baker?

angry baker - Black Forest Cupcake

My daughter gave me the name Angry Baker because I hit the kitchen when I’m frustrated, and start to bake. You see, baking requires you to work step by step, and you must be fairly accurate with your measurements to make it work right. This kind of focus on the process makes me forget what I was grumping about. Sort of like a moving meditation that results in pastry. Luckily, I have 3 eating machines (aka. children) here at home (they know how to push my buttons… but they also love to eat the results), and they have friends who know where the cookie jar is.

My recipes are straight forward, without a load of specialty ingredients that you only use once, because I am realistic about what you find in a mom’s kitchen. Butter, sugar, flour and eggs… chocolate and coffee…and since my kids are part fruit bat… I bake a lot with fruit, both fresh and frozen…

angry baker - Lemon Blueberry Bars Follow my step-by-step recipes, complete with photos to guide you along the way, and before you know it, you’ll be baking delicious cookies, sweet cupcakes, beautiful and delicious cakes, and even fun flavored whoopie pies!(hee hee.. making whoopie!)… then you’ll be an Angry Baker too…



What is an Angry Baker? Well one who bakes like this…

What is an Angry Baker?
You can serve it just like this… or add a second level.

angry baker - Chocolate Dipped Oreos

angry baker - White Frosting
Add a rounded mound of White Frosting