Halloween Baking

Cake Eye BallsI love Baking for Halloween. It’s a great chance to be creative and fun, without stomping on anyone’s pre-conceived ideas of what HAS TO BE BAKED (seriously, I know a few people who go absolutely batty if they don’t have their Gingerbread at Christmas, or Chocolate Cake at a Birthday).

Halloween can be fun, spooky, scary, bloody, sweet, or cute. You can go with pumpkin or fall flavors, or you can make red velvet…or you can mash up Snickers Bars into Brownies. Use color, use chocolate, use molds or pans, use cutters or squeeze bottles.

Halloween to me means playing in the kitchen!
So, TRY some of these ideas… I’ve included recipes, ideas, and equipment….grab a kid (or 2) or a friend (or 2) then go have some fun Baking for Halloween.

spider cupcakesSpider Cupcakes

Create Spiders Out of Chocolate!

These Spider Cupcakes are a fun treat forHalloween. You make cupcakes, and frosting… then create spiders from round chocolates and piped spider legs…

I used Lindt Lindor Truffles and Milk Duds (and I got to keep the extras for myself..)

Just follow this link to learn how to make these Spooky Spider Cupcakes

monster cupcakes

Monster Cupcakes

Make these simple Monster Cupcakes with any kind of cupcake you like… then use store bought frosting to decorate. You don’t need special talent to make these google eyed cakes look good.

Follow this lint to find the recipe and instructions Monster Cupcakes



Spider Web Cupcakes

Easy to Make… and Look Great

You need….
12 Baked Cupcakes
1 can of Prepared Frosting
1 tube of decorator frosting

warm the frosting… dip the cupcakes…. then spiral on the web..

Take a look at the easy instructions from PartyCakes

Halloween Cupcake Wrappers

Transform Your Halloween Cupcakes and Muffins in Halloween Wrappers!

These Cupcake wrapper act as sleeves to make your cupcakes look that much fancier! Bake in a standard cupcake liner, then slip the frosted cupcake into a themed liner. It’s easy, and makes every cupcake look even better! (A wrapper can even take the place of fancy decorations).

monster eye cupcakesMonster Eye Cupcakes

A Scary Eye Peering From the Buffet Table

These Green Monster Eyes look a little like Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc., so they are perfect for serving at a movie party! Simple you just need some simple cake decorating technique to make these look really good.

Follow this link to get the instructions for Monster Eye Cupcakes

graveyardGraveyard of Cupcakes

I love making a Graveyard of Cupcakes around Halloween… this also works on a sheet cake!
All you will need~
baked cupcakes frosted with chocolate frosting
Oreo crumbs Or Chocolate Cookie Crumbs (around a dozen or more oreos smashed to crumbs)
Chocolate Dips or chocolate chips…. melt and put in a baggie or piping bottle
White chocolate if you want to make bones

And these instructions to pull it all together…. Graveyard Cupcakes

Spooky Sprinkles

Halloween Colored Sprinkles glitz up any cupcake…. You will have fancy cakes in no time!

Halloween Sugar Lay Ons

Lay These Sugar Decorations on Your Cupcakes or Cake Pops for Instant Halloween Decoration

Candy Bar BrowniesCandy Bar Brownies

All those delicious candy bars…. why not bake them into Brownies!

Just chop up your favorites and add them into the brownie batter for a totally wonderful taste combination that you will want to make year round!

Just follow this link…. Candy Bar Brownies



Halloween Cake Popshalloween cake pops

Cover the Cake Pops in Halloween Sprinkles..

Simple Chocolate Cake Pops can be transformed into Halloween Cake Pops by sprinkling on Orange Pumpkin Sprinkles.

Bag in Clear Cellophane, and tie off with an Orange or Black ribbon.

halloween cake pop


A Basket of Halloween Cake Pops makes a sweet centerpiece!

Wrap each cake pop in a clear cellophane bag and tie off with a ribbon.

These are great for Halloween Parties or for Trick or Treats!

A piece of foam stuck in the bottom of the basket will make them stand better.


Cake Eye Balls

cake eye ballRed Velvet Cake with a Gruesome Covering!

Cake Balls are great for parties… and I love giving away these spooky Cake Eye Balls.

Red Velvet Cake makes them look bloody inside, adding to the gore factor. You can use food color to paint on the eyes… as cute or as gory as you like. (My son went for sutures and mold…. daughter went for cute). However you make them, they are sure to be a hit.

Slip into a cellophane bag and tie off with a ribbon for gifting, and they will last a few days. Then stick them in a basket by the doors for trick or treaters and friends.

For the recipe and instructions follow the link to Cake Eye Balls

pumpkin cakePumpkin Tea Cake

Use this Basic Pumpkin Cake Recipe for any Shape You Like!
This basic Pumpkin Tea Cake Recipe is a snap to put together, and it tastes like fall…spicy and sweet, with just enough pumpkin to make it Halloweeny. This was my son’s favorite cake when he was little, so I made it for his birthday every year.

Follow this link to the recipe for Pumpkin Cake

Halloween Cake

Decorate Bundt Cakes to Look Like a Jack O’Lantern

Simple … and Cute

Use a Pumpkin Cake Pan to Bake up a cake of any flavor… I like Pumpkin… then decorate to look like a Jack O’Lantern!

Just Bake and Decorate!

The Cake Boss Shows You some Tricks

Halloween Brownies

Bake Halloween Brownies

Got Extra Trick or Treat Chocolate Laying Around?

Candy Bar BrowniesMake Candy Bar Brownies!

Chop up your favorite assortment of candy bars … any kind will do…
Follow the link to the recipe and technique…

Candy Bar Brownies

Follow this link to find the recipe for Candy Bar Brownies


Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Caramel FrostingHalloween Whoopie Pies

Make Some Whoopie for Halloween

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Caramel Frosting

Cinnamon, Pumpkin, and Caramel… mmmmmmmm

These Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Caramel Filling are a wonderful treat at Halloween.

You can serve them as they are….
Dip the edges into Halloween Sprinkles…
Go nuts… get out some decorator pens and draw Jack O Lantern faces on them.

Often if I’m transporting or serving whoopie pies, I slip each one into a cupcake wrapper… keeps them from falling apart (and it’s a bit more sanitary)

Follow this link to get the recipe for Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Looking for a way to start your day on Halloween? Try these

pumpkin chi muffinsPumpkin Chai Muffins

It doesn’t always need to be decorated… sometimes just having Pumpkin is enough…

Follow this link to get the recipe for Pumpkin Chai Muffins


Halloween Cookies

Dip Bat Shaped Cookies In Chocolate

Kids Love to Help With These… my daughter loves to get into the kitchen and play with her food. Your kids can help decorate and EAT any Halloween Cookies

Follow this link to find the recipe for Bat Cookies

Halloween Cookie Cutters

Cut Out Halloween Cookies

I love sugar cookies for any holiday. For decorating, you want a cookie cutter that doesn’t have tiny edges or bits.. simple is better!

Halloween Gingerbread House

Who Says Gingerbread is For Christmas?
Build a Halloween Gingerbread House!

Halloween Gingerbread House Kits

Build a Haunted Gingerbread House – Pre-baked or Bake Your Own

Halloween Baking is Fun!

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