Candied Kumquat Scones with Crystallized Ginger

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Scones with Candied Kumquats and Crystallized Ginger

Kumquat SconesA few days ago I started experimenting with Kumquats. My last recipe was all about Candying the Kumquats (it’s pretty easy, all you need are Kumquats -naturally, Sugar and Water). So now I’ve got these Candied Kumquats… what do I do with them? Well, they are delicious over ice cream, and you can eat them plain, or you can bake with them. I started playing around in the kitchen, and came up with a few recipes.

These Candied Kumquat Scones have the delightful sweet tart taste of the Kumquat, combined with a spicy sweet tang of crystallized ginger. So good! And much easier than you would think!

Candied Kumquat Scones with Crystallized Ginger Recipe…

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  1. Rie says:

    I love visiting your site but frenueqtly miss out because it doesn’t have an RSS feed (unless I am missing it?). Would you consider putting in a feed…it’s very easy with Blogger:-)) Thanks for the pick me up and the yummy pics!

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