April Fool’s Day Bacon and Eggs

April Fool's Bacon and Eggs
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April Fool's Day Bacon and EggsKids love love love a joke… and a jokey food will have them giggling all day. These pretend Bacon and Eggs will be right up their alley.

Buy a quart of low-fat Vanilla Yogurt, a big can of Apricot Halves (or 2), and some red Fruit Leather.

You can use fresh apricots… maybe even allow the kids to break them in half.

April Fool’s Day Bacon and Eggs

Cut the fruit leather in strips to prepare (you may want to peel off the plastic wrap too… it’s tough for little fingers)

Prep Time: 5 minutes for Teacher Prep

Total Time: 10 minutes for Kids to assemble


Vanilla Yogurt

Apricot Halves

Red Fruit Leather


Give each child a small plate.

They take 2 tablespoons (or one big tablespoon) of vanilla yogurt, and spread it in a circle.

Place an apricot half on top (that’s the egg yolk)

Then lay the fruit leather next to it.


April Fool’s Day Bacon and Eggs – Want Some?